simone eberle

translation & text design

Language and Translation

After I had spent several years living in English speaking countries I received both the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency and the degree as a secretary for foreign languages at the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg (for English and Spanish) with the grade of an A. Following three years of studying translation at the City University, London, I earned the Diploma of Translation at the Institute of Linguists in London (DipTrans IoLET). I am a member of the German association for interpreters and translators (BDÜ).

My style of writing is characterised by its accuracy, I strive to be clear and precise, and sound natural. My texts read fluently and are easy to understand.

Medicine and Psychology

After studying complementary medicine full-time for four years I have continuously been working in the field of medicine - in medical surgeries, clinics, and in research - for more than 25 years. At the research institutes I am in charge of scientific translations and proof-reading of publications and reports. I will finish my Bachelor or Science studies in psychology at the FernUniversität Hagen in 2019.

Text Design

I have a lot of experience in the professional design of (in particular scientific) texts working adeptly with the Adobe programs InDesign and Illustrator. This includes the creation of graphics, flyers, brochures and reports from concept and layout to setting and editing.

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